Comprehensive Digital Campaign

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Campaign Setup

Let's take a look at how we build a rockstar ad campaign

Research &

Research & Strategy
We conduct market research, look at target audience profiles and pair that with a comprehensive keyword list. A comprehensive strategy will be built around our research.

Selection &

Selection & Segmentation
Using our research & experience, our team selects the right platforms to reach strategically segmented audiences.

Copywriting &
Ad Creation

Copywriting & Ad Creation
Our copywriters & designers curate perfectly persuasive ads for each audience and platform to maximize relevancy & clickthrough rates.

Campaign Management

Here's how we'll maximize every single dollar invested in this campaign

Ads & Platform

Ads & Platform Optimization
Our management team will monitor campaign performance in real time to maximize budget and reduce unwanted clicks.

Network &
Keyword Review

Network & Keyword Review
Real time analysis of selected keywords & networks will help generate new keywords and identify additional networks.


Performance Tracking
Not only do we monitor all advertising platforms, we are constantly reviewing your website's analytics to see which ads are driving the most conversions.

Campaign Evaluation

We'll figure out what's working and strategically scale

Analysis &

Analysis & Reports
Every week we take a high-level look at all campaign components. We track visitor behavior and determine where & how to optimize. Every two weeks a Full campaign reports is created presented to you.

Innovation &

Innovation & Remarketing
Every campaign provides us new data. And we love data! This allows us to evaluate, innovate, and retarget users with a revamped strategy.

Recommendations &
Next Steps

Recommendations & Next Steps
Our management team will present you with all findings and recommended changes to effectively and efficiently expand a campaign.

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